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  • Monthly News Round-Up: October 2021 October 30, 2021
    New surcharges at LA ports are intended to clear up cargo bottlenecks, while a COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong could add to already compounding problems with delays. Meanwhile, SAP completes its acquisition of Signavio while welcoming a new chief product officer.
  • How to Avoid US Export Compliance Violations October 30, 2021
    Supply chain managers have many responsibilities, including ensuring that materials, goods, and products arrive at their destination in good condition and on time. When shipping internationally, additional rules must be followed to ensure that you and your company are compliant with all US export laws and regulations.
  • What Do You Need to Include in Your EEI Filing for Export Shipments? October 29, 2021
    So, what information does the U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations require your business to include in the electronic export information document when shipping your products internationally?
  • The Export Challenges of the 2021 Holiday Shipping Season October 29, 2021
    The global COVID-19 pandemic brought a surge of online shopping to all areas of the world. People were spending more time at home and trying to limit their exposure to the world and changed their shopping habits with just one click.
  • Monthly News Round-Up: September 2021 October 4, 2021
    As we move towards the end of the year, shipping activity across the globe is picking up in anticipation of the shopping season ahead. Here is some of the latest news from the world of SAP, transportation, and global trade.
  • 5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Shipping Should Be On One Platform October 1, 2021
    Did you know? Experts project the global e-commerce market to reach $5 trillion this year. This figure will most likely grow over the coming years. So, if you are a current or aspiring e-commerce brand owner, shipping your products through one e-commerce shipping platform helps.
  • Why E-Commerce Need Shipment Tracking to Boost Customer Satisfaction September 30, 2021
    Customer satisfaction is vital in the business world as it helps in promoting customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction also helps reduce negative word of mouth, leading to business growth and increased revenue realization.