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Flawlessly execute fully-compliant export documentation within the SAP-integrated export shipping software

What is ShipAES, the automated export system software for SAP?

Is your company exporting goods valued at more than $2,500, outside of the U.S.? If so, you need to electronically file export information through the Automated Export System (AES) with customs clearance software solutions.



Before ShipAES, the only way to file the export information was through the Census Bureau’s web-based system called AESDirect. Automating the filing process with ShipAES, the customs declaration service software, helps narrow your company’s focus to other business processes that require your attention.


The export shipping software provides companies running SAP ERP the ability to automate the filing of export information during the shipping process. ShipAES validates at a delivery or shipment level to ensure the export compliance. Upon compliance in the customs declaration service software, the filing is submitted to AESDirect for approval.

EEI Reporting and Monitoring

Continually checks status of External Transaction Number (XTN) and Internal Transaction Number (ITN). Concise transaction number reporting in shipment.

EEI Filing Labels

EEI filing submission for shipment

Foreign Trade Regulations

Ensures compliancy with U.S. Foreign Trade Regulations regarding exportation

Penalties Prevention

Prevent your company from incurring penalties and fines with this export shipping software

How Can ShipAES Benefit Your Organization?

ShipAES offers several advantages compared to traditional shipping methods.

Export Compliance

Automated export systems (AES) directly file information with federal governmental databases for export. The digital processes of import and export software like ShipAES reduce paperwork and allow for rapid editing.

Alter Reports

Skip the complex mailing process across global lines with rapid, AES-integrated edits. If there is an input error or omission, ShipAES can integrate with the government system to edit the issue directly.

Cost Reduction and Expedited Shipping

The increasingly efficient process of compliance screening software reduces export costs by millions and speeds up shipping every year. When your company’s shipments are compliant, governing bodies spend less money on duplicate paperwork and editing documents. That time cut lowers prices and reduces turnaround times.

How do import/export software shipping solutions work?

Export shipping refers to the process of shipping parcels internationally regardless of their method of travel. Getting international orders is an exciting development for your business, and Automated Export Systems help you eliminate the hassle of the endeavor. Automated export systems (AES) automatically ensure that you’re following the correct legal shipping process with our customs clearance software solutions.

Our ShipAES automated export system software for SAP follows these steps:

  1. Use your purchase order to create a sales order
  2. Input transportation details in your outbound delivery
  3. Automate document exportations and send invoices

Many companies can grow their businesses with the power of industry-specific import-export shipping solutions. From manufacturing and automotive to food and entertainment, clients in most industries can send shipments with automated export systems. 

ShipAES international trade compliance screening software

ShipAES is a customs clearance and trade compliance software solution that integrates directly into your SAP system to increase productivity without a learning curve. Our SAP add-on can produce the Electronic Export Information (EEI) you need and automatically send it alongside your shipments to their far-off destinations. In addition to providing export control, EEI solutions can also help you with export statistics and report pertinent shipment transaction data. EEI solutions can assist you with producing the following documents:

  • Certificate of Origins
  • Commercial invoices
  • Electronic Export Information
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin
  • Packing lists
  • Dangerous Goods Declarations (DGDs)

ShipAES is a system of integrated SAP solutions that are surprisingly easy to use. To get your shipment where it needs to go, you only need barcode scanners, barcode printers, a NetWeaver server, and workstations capable of running SAP GU. As an ABAP written program with Service Oriented Architecture, ShipERP products work seamlessly with existing SAP infrastructure. ShipAES works with SAP systems, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP ECC 5.0, SAP EWM, and SAP TM.

Get a sneak peek of ShipAES customs clearance software solutions

Our SAP add-ons let you see your shipment’s port of export, state of origin, filing options, mode of transport, and more details in one easily navigated interface. With the switch of a tab, you can view your USPPI, Ultimate Consignee, Intermediate Consignee, and Freight Forwarder information, meaning you’ll always have everyone’s contact information right at your fingers. 

Because ShipAES is linked with your SAP system, there’s a minimal learning curve when it comes to getting your employees on board. ShipAES is designed for use by all employees and provides your data in a clear, upfront, and manageable interface. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For U.S. Companies exporting goods valued at more than $2,500, the United States Foreign Trade Regulations require that export information be electronically filed through the Automated Export System (AES).


Also, the Electronic Export Information (EEI), formerly known as the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), serves the dual purpose of providing export statistics and export control. This exportation documentation reports all pertinent export data of a transaction.


ShipAES provides companies the ability to automate the filing of export information during the shipping process, all within SAP!


ShipAES validates at a delivery or shipment level to ensure the export compliance. Upon compliance, the filing is submitted to AESDirect for approval.

ShipAES is a customs compliance solution that will provide the necessary documentation you need to save time and money. 

Companies that ship internationally need several forms, including:


  • Commercial Invoice: The commercial invoice provides a description of goods for import control and duties calculation. The form typically includes contact information, item description, the reason for export, and more details. 
  • NAFTA certificate of origin: The NAFTA certificate of origin is necessary when trading between the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.
  • U.S. certificate of origin: The U.S. certificate of origin is mandatory for countries to prevent imports from restricted locations, uphold treaties, and maintain duty rates. 
  • Electronic Export Information: The EEI form is a requirement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection when you’re shipping goods with a value greater than $2,500. The U.S. Census Bureau reports this information to maintain compliance.

We are confident that you can achieve a reduction in warehouse/operations labor based on the implementation of ShipERP and the best practices associated with that implementation. The fully-featured shipping software (ShipERP) is compatible with the following hardware/software environments:


NetWeaver server
Barcode scanners at each pack/ship terminal (Optional)
Barcode printers (Zebra preferred)
Scales (Optional)
Workstations running SAP GU


SAP ECC 6.0 or
SAP ECC 5.0 or

What’s nice about ShipERP is that it is written completely in ABAP, the native programming language for SAP. Core to its technology is the use of web services within SAP to directly communicate and transact business with the major carriers that support this technology. By following Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology it enables the ShipERP application to integrate seamlessly with carriers and provide real-time processing of shipments and tracking.


If a carrier does not support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the ShipERP product can also utilize XML via HTTP POST or EDI processing to communicate with the carriers. Other options for integration include tracking number generation using carrier algorithms or pre-generated tracking numbers loaded into ShipERP. Whatever the method of integration is, ShipERP can support it.

We excel in providing enhanced supply chain execution with ShipERP, the cross industry shipping solution. Industries that we serve, but are not limited to include:


Food and Beverage
Transportation and Logistics
Life Science
Consumer Products
Medical Device
…and more!

Get in touch with a helpful account executive to discuss options and view a demo.

ShipAES is an Automated Export System integration for SAP. Contact us to request a demo.

Delighted Customers Say

“We were able to configure carrier services really quickly [with ShipERP].”
Todd Boesiger
IT Manager of SAP Applications at Scentsy
"With ShipERP, we were able to reduce small parcel packing labor at our high-volume shipping locations. In our first implementation we reduced packing labor by 25%. Since then, we have also consolidated two parcel shipping locations into one and reduced small parcel packing headcount in the absorbed location by half.”
Jennifer Barstosch
Transportation Management (SAP/TM) Lead at A.O. Smith
“It takes the logistics team a shorter amount of time to complete an order. It went from 10 minutes down to 10 seconds. It saves time!”
Kumar Prashant
ERP/SAP Solutions Architect at Belimo Americas
“They [ShipERP] allowed us to have a lot of input into the roadmap of the product especially the Sales Order processing and the LTL/truckload processing.”
Tim Thomas
VP of Information Technology at MCR Safety

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