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Experience real-time shipping carrier rate quoting, shipment creation, tracking, proof of delivery, and label printing

SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has become increasingly popular. With so many innovative processes like accounting, sales and distribution, and payroll, it’s no wonder these solutions have become go-to programs for numerous companies. 


Now there you can expand these capabilities even further! With ShipERP Core, you can achieve advanced operations not available in SAP. 


At ShipERP, we provide businesses with dependable and efficient SAP shipping solutions that set the standard for performance and innovation. We pride ourselves on helping customers achieve maximum supply chain accuracy for their companies — because your success is our success.

What Is ShipERP Core, the SAP Shipping Software?

ShipERP Core is a multi-carrier, multi-modal SAP shipping software logistics execution solution. The software integrates directly into your SAP system to provide a real-time multi-carrier and multi-modal shipping connection for small parcel and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) carriers. ShipERP Core provides a single, fully configurable platform where you can:

Rate Shop

Reduce shipping costs by comparing rates of over 250 carrier services in one screen.

Generate Export Documentation

Automatically create and send all required export documents for shipments.

Automatically Track & Trace​

Generate tracking numbers to automatically trace freight and parcels within SAP native delivery (VL02N) transaction and ShipERP Transaction.​

Coordinate Multi-Carrier Shipping

Automatically compare carrier rates, consolidate shipment data, and manage all orders from a single location and dashboard.

ShipERP Core allows you to manage rate shopping, order processing, and shipment tracking, finally giving you complete control of shipment processing from a single platform. The SAP shipping software also contains its own IMG, making it completely configurable to your systems and needs.


Bottom line: If you’ve been looking for a multi-carrier shipping solution to reduce labor, save costs, and automate shipment processing for your SAP-enabled business, ShipERP Core is your solution. Our customer service teams will help you put all the pieces together today!

How Does ShipERP Core Work Within the SAP Shipping Process?

ShipERP Core is an SAP shipping software written completely in SAP’s native programming language of ABAP, so it can integrate with SAP systems seamlessly without middleware. This allows ShipERP Core to utilize SAP’s existing web services to transact with any integrated carriers.


Once you’ve chosen your carrier, ShipERP Core’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology enables ShipERP to integrate with their systems, as well. These systems provide real-time processing of shipments and tracking every step of the way. Additionally, you will even receive Proof of Delivery from the shipping point for each individual shipment.

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What if a Carrier Is Not Ready for SAP Shipping?

If a carrier does not support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ShipERP Core can also utilize XML via HTTP POST or EDI processing to communicate. Other carrier integration options include carrier-generated tracking numbers of pre-generated tracking numbers loaded into ShipERP.


Whatever the method of integration, the SAP shipping software ShipERP Core can support it.

Does the SAP Shipping Software,
ShipERP Core, Provide Required Documentation?

Yes. In addition to shipment process management, ShipERP Core provides all documentation and proof of delivery required for your shipping, enabling you to report compulsory shipping details with ease. Our SAP shipping software will provide you with the records you need to ensure your company remains compliant, from shipping labels to export documents.


All required export documentation

Enterprise freight rates

●Shipment creation and cancellation

Carrier label printing within SAP

Printing of Bill of Lading and commercial invoices

● Certificate of Origin, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, etc.

Manual shipments (no delivery required)

Return labels

Domestic and international shipment reporting

Reporting on carrier performance, tracking, and more

Enterprise track & trace and Proof of Delivery reporting

Electronic commercial invoices

Track & Trace within SAP native delivery (VL02N/VL03N) transaction & ShipERP transaction

Proof of Delivery within SAP native delivery (VL02N/VL03N) transaction & ShipERP transaction

When you can easily acquire the documentation you need, your customer service and administrative teams can better plan shipments and manage transactions, ultimately streamlining your enterprise shipping.


Why Should I Choose ShipERP Core for My SAP Shipping Software?

ShipERP Core makes SAP shipping easier, more organized, and more efficient than ever before. Just by integrating ShipERP Core into your current SAP shipping software, you will almost immediately:

Save on Overall Costs​

"With ShipERP, we were able to reduce small parcel packing labor at our high-volume shipping locations. In our first implementation we reduced packing labor by 25%. Since then, we have also consolidated two parcel shipping locations into one and reduced small parcel packing headcount in the absorbed location by half.”
Jennifer Barstosch
Transportation Management (SAP/TM) Lead at A.O. Smith

Achieve Proof of Delivery

“They [ShipERP] allowed us to have a lot of input into the roadmap of the product especially the Sales Order processing and the LTL/truckload processing.”
Tim Thomas
VP of Information Technology at MCR Safety

Reduce Labor Costs​

“It takes the logistics team a shorter amount of time to complete an order. It went from 10 minutes down to 10 seconds. It saves time!”
Kumar Prashant
ERP/SAP Solutions Architect at Belimo Americas

Enhance Distribution Efficiency
and Accuracy

“We were able to configure carrier services really quickly [with ShipERP].”
Todd Boesiger
IT Manager of SAP Applications at Scentsy

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ShipERP Core doesn’t just make your shipping process easier than ever, it also elevates your entire supply chain for good. If you’re ready to start putting the pieces together, get in touch with ShipERP to schedule a demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions

ShipERP performs rate quoting with various integrated and generic carriers within SAP. Once a carrier and service is selected by ShipERP, the order is processed with complete tracking details.

You will then experience visibility with track & trace, as well as a Proof of Delivery for each shipment.

We are confident that you can achieve a reduction in warehouse/operations labor based on the implementation of ShipERP and the best practices associated with that implementation. The fully-featured shipping software (ShipERP) is compatible with the following hardware/software environments:

NetWeaver server
Barcode scanners at each pack/ship terminal (Optional)
Barcode printers (Zebra preferred)
Scales (Optional)
Workstations running SAP GU

SAP ECC 6.0 or
SAP ECC 5.0 or

What’s nice about ShipERP is that it is written completely in ABAP, the native programming language for SAP. Core to its technology is the use of web services within SAP to directly communicate and transact business with the major carriers that support this technology. By following Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology it enables the ShipERP application to integrate seamlessly with carriers and provide real-time processing of shipments and tracking.

If a carrier does not support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the ShipERP product can also utilize XML via HTTP POST or EDI processing to communicate with the carriers. Other options for integration include tracking number generation using carrier algorithms or pre-generated tracking numbers loaded into ShipERP. Whatever the method of integration is, ShipERP can support it.

We excel in providing enhanced supply chain execution with ShipERP, the cross industry shipping solution. Industries that we serve, but are not limited to include:

Food and Beverage
Transportation and Logistics
Life Science
Consumer Products
Medical Device
…and more!

Get in touch with a helpful account executive to discuss options and view a demo.

How long it takes to install our SAP shipment tracking solution depends on your company’s requirements. Typically, it takes about eight weeks to implement ShipERP Core into a single location, including project kick-off and going live. Eight weeks is generally considered a fast turnaround for SAP, as SAP implementation typically takes upwards of six months to complete.


ShipERP Core is a shipping software integration for SAP. Contact Us