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Not with ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software.

Your New Parcel Tracking Software Will Ensure That No Shipment is Left Behind

Shipment tracking and proof of delivery isn’t top of mind for everyone. However, it is just as important as the machine that makes the product. In a supply chain, every item requires tracking regardless of size, value, or function. That’s where ShipERP comes in.

From shipment tracking notifications to history databases, ShipERP’s tracking software has you covered when it comes to all-things shipment, delivery, and everything in between. ShipERP is here to help provide your customers with peace of mind with each and every order.

What is ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software?

ShipERP’s tracking software is a game-changer when it comes to shipment and delivery. It is an easy and efficient way to keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their orders.


With ShipERP, you can avoid confusion and questions about order arrival and location. Our software provides your customers with easy access to the location of their orders as well as when they can expect their shipment to arrive—saving you both time in the long run.

ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software is SAP Certified.

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How Does ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software Work?

The shipment tracking software is simple and provides your customers with start-to-finish information on their shipment. The process includes:


1. Shipment tracking is first created in the delivery document


2. Once the order is packed and shipped out, the tracking number provides all necessary parties with tracking information


3. Notifications are sent to your customers, customer service representatives, and sales representatives based on different events. Notifications may include:

  • When the shipment has been picked up
  • When the shipment is in transit
  • When the shipment is delivered
  • And more

4. Once the shipment has arrived, proof of delivery is provided to you. The data can then be forever stored in your company’s database.

What are the Benefits of ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software?

Our shipment tracking software can make you and your customers’ shipping experience easier and more efficient. Don’t miss out on the many benefits of getting top-notch tracking! With shipment tracking software, you will:


Save Time

You won’t have to spend time helping customers track down their order. Tracking notifications provide effective and efficient communication, so you don’t have to! For example, consumer products company Scentsy sped up the configuration of carrier services super quickly by working with ShipERP. Furthermore, Scentsy facilitated its high shipment volumes each day with ease.


Achieve Visibility and Transparency

There won’t be any confusion when it comes to the status of an order. You and your customers will have easy access to the whereabouts of each shipment. Most companies don’t keep your tracking and proof of delivery data for very long. In fact, many major parcel carriers only keep shipment data for up to 90 days and proof of delivery signatures for 18 months! So, how long do you need to keep shipment tracking data? It’s up to the individual company to make it a priority based on the industry, the global and local laws involved, customer demands, and business needs. With ShipERP, you can store data for as long as you need it.


Provide Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will receive peace of mind with ease of shipment tracking and the notifications they receive about their orders. Marialisa Aversano, Customer Service Manager at Belimo shared, “If the customer wants to know the price difference between air shipment or a ground shipment or a freight shipment versus parcel, we’re able to do that [with ShipERP]. It’s been a huge saving for all of us. The customers are thrilled. We’re very happy.”


Generate Accountability

The efficient tracking will provide accountability of every delivery team member. There will be no questions of if or when a shipment has arrived. All of the data will be clear, concise, and readily available for both you and your customer, creating trust and accountability. More importantly, having all the shipment tracking data implies greater data integrity to ensure that you and your company are protected.

Who Can Benefit from ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software?

Logistics, warehouse, operations, and customer service team members will all benefit from ShipERP’s shipment tracking software. From saving VAS Aero Services time and manual labor to reducing shipment process time by 20% for Scentsy, ShipERP has a history of taking businesses to the next level. ShipERP has experience with a wide variety of industries and many different types of companies like IMAX, Siemens, YETI Coolers, and more. ShipERP’s industry experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Consumer Products
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device/Health Care
  • Laboratory Equipment and Life Science
  • Electronics
  • Construction Equipment, Facilities, Building Materials
  • Personal Care/Personal Health
  • Automotive
  • Apparel, Fashion, Retail
  • And more!

How Can I Start Using ShipERP’s Shipment Tracking Software?

If you’re ready to take your shipping process to the next level with ShipERP, schedule a demo with our shipment tracking experts. Our team is ready to make your order tracking experience as easy and efficient as possible.

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