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Gain high-quality data in SAP, the vital first step in your enterprise digital transformation

What is SimpleMDG, the SAP Cloud Application for Master Data Governance?

Ensure high quality data in a secure and efficient process using master data governance.


SimpleMDG’s streamlined user interface retrieves real-time ERP master data and initiates maintenance requests for all CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) processes. Enjoy flexible and configurable business rules to deliver compliance that meets stringent data policies.

Robust Functionalities

Support complex requirements by utilizing workflow functionalities and business templates, all without any coding

Seamless Collaboration

Use create, update, and review tools with audit trail capability to support the entire process

Secure and Compliant

Reduce risk with enterprise and regulatory data compliance. Garner audit trails for master data maintenance transparency

Reduce Costs

Eliminate errors, intensive data maintenance, and achieve scalable processes that are future-proof

Who can benefit from using Master Data Governance

Making Master Data Governance Simple, an Explainer Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foster secure data governance policy and standards
Since SimpleMDG is an SAP Cloud platform, you can use security services to protect your enterprise master data. Simply put, leverage the power of SAP Cloud to keep up with novel cybersecurity challenges and adhere to stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

Ensure enterprise master data quality and integration
Implement fast data policies, standards, and business validations using an easy-to-use configuration menu and delivered templates.

Reduce costs
Eliminate the need for poor data maintenance and manual process support, which are inefficient and error prone. With this scalable and future-proof application, you will experience a lowered total cost of ownership.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance
Consistently receive trusted data from SimpleMDG’s easy-to-use business rules and approval workflow to enforce enterprise and regulatory data compliance. 

Thrive with an intuitive user experience
You certainly do not need any programming skills to get started with SimpleMDG. Its intuitive administrative functions enable rapid implementation for all. Effortlessly activate out-of-the-box capabilities to implement governance according to your requirements in days for data integrity.

Eligible Operating Systems:
– Windows
– Mac
– Any web-based system

Software Deployment
– SAP Cloud Platform

With a subscription to SimpleMDG, you gain access to:
– A modern Master Data Governance platform
– Core SAP master data objects: Business Partner, Customer, Vendor, Material and Finance master data
– Pre-delivered business templates to support core SAP master data

SimpleMDG is an industry agnostic solution. Industries served, but are not limited to include:

Food and Beverage
Transportation and Logistics
Life Science
Consumer Products
Medical Device
…and more!

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