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What Is ShipERP Parcel Shipping Software?

ShipERP is a parcel shipping software solution with direct integration into your SAP or other ERP system. As a SAP Silver Partner, we use the latest, most advanced business application programming (ABAP) to maintain a fully operational dashboard.


This hub for your parcel shipping operations cuts out middleware with real-time access to over 250 carriers. SAP and ERP software has never been so configurable with parcel shipping operations housed in a single, user-friendly interface.


Choose ShipERP for a parcel transportation management system (TMS) that will change the way you ship. 

How Does ShipERP Assist With Parcel Shipping?

Take your SAP and other ERP platforms to the next level with ShipERP solutions. You can integrate our solutions with SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Netweaver, and other tools to unlock an intuitive parcel shipping experience.


ShipERP provides a direct connection with parcel shipping companies without navigating away from your system’s interface. This all-in-one software solution uses ABAP programming to empower your logistics team to browse rates and select carriers in your existing ERP platform. 


The service-oriented architecture (SOA) takes care of the rest of the process. ShipERP submits an order to the carrier and delivers tracking information to your staff with the correct documentation. The dashboard is a convenient location to track route coordinates and monitor complex shipping information.


ShipERP is a flexible parcel shipping software that organizes your team’s critical shipping information to manage carrier relationships and logistics. 

How Can ShipERP Improve My Parcel Shipping Logistics?

ShipERP simplifies the logistics of parcel shipping. Skip expensive labor costs with easy access to documentation and proof of delivery. 


Save on training by staying in SAP or your other ERP platform without middleware that slows down and complicates the process. Also, receive updates on route tracking and delays from hundreds of carriers in a streamlined platform. 


ShipERP can maximize your parcel shipping productivity with several core features: 


Rate Shop

Different sized items and varying prices can add up in shipping costs and impact your overall business performance. Our software provides comparison rate shopping for parcel shipping based on your chosen specifications. This feature will allow you to reduce both shipping and labor costs. 


Multi-Carrier Shipping

Reliably track and trace packages from multiple carriers in a centralized location and manage your shipping logistics. ShipERP uses the application programming interface (API) to link with preexisting carrier tracking tools, helping you avoid long hours searching for package locations across carriers.


Delivery Tracking

ShipERP retrieves data like tracking information and combines the updates into a report document. Read an overview of all carrier data at a glance with merged details displayed in your ERP system’s interface. ShipERP manages these shipping processes even more effectively by assigning tracking numbers for SAP native delivery (VLO2N).  


Delivery Proof Tracking

Our software will populate a proof of delivery (PoD) document for every shipment you place. As the parcel reaches a new point in the shipping process, the software will also generate a report. This process provides you with peace of mind about your products as they head toward their destination. 

Why Select ShipERP as Your Enterprise Parcel Shipping Software?

ShipERP changes the way your logistics team does business. Revitalize your supply chain with faster, more cost-effective, and more productive processes.


Our user experience combines browsing for shipper carriers, order tracking, and many more useful features. ShipERP provides documentation for various types of parcel shipping, so you can meet regulatory compliance with ease.


ShipERP is the parcel TMS that can change the game for your business with dynamic processes for managing shipments. 

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Step Up Your Parcel Shipping Logistics With ShipERP Software

Are you looking for an ERP software solution to boost your parcel shipping operations? ShipERP can meet your needs. We have friendly representatives standing by to help you join a community of satisfied users from more than 100 countries. We also offer 24/7 customer support so that help is always available. 

Reach out for a free demo or connect with our customer service team today at 866-931-1812. 

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