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Multi-Carrier Shipping With ShipERP

What is ShipERP, the multi-carrier shipping software?

ShipERP is a multi-carrier shipping software that integrates directly into your SAP system. Our product provides a real-time connection to over 250 integrated carriers with no middleware. As a Silver Partner of SAP, we deliver the best SAP applications in the industry. ShipERP lets you shop rates, process orders, track shipments, and verify deliveries, all from the SAP interface.


Achieve complete control over every element of your multi-carrier shipping process with ShipERP.

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How does ShipERP multi-carrier management work with SAP?

Unlock the full power of SAP with ShipERP.

At ShipERP, we write our multi-carrier shipping software with advanced business application programming (ABAP), SAP’s native programming language. This design choice allows us to connect to integrated carriers within the SAP interface. Our solutions create a list of applicable multi-channel shipping services that fit your specifications and needs.

These applications work with SAP HANA, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP Netweaver so that your multi-carrier parcel shipping platforms work perfectly with SAP.

As soon as you choose a shipping carrier in ShipERP, our service-oriented architecture (SOA) will place the order in the carrier’s platform. ShipERP tracks each shipment and delivers the information straight from the carrier to you. From there, you can track all route coordinates in a single, convenient interface. ShipERP also generates the documentation you need, helping you take full advantage of your carrier’s capabilities.

How can ShipERP improve my multi-carrier shipping operations?

With ShipERP, you can manage all your orders within SAP. Cutting middleware from the shipping process decreases labor expenses and provides proof of delivery directly to your software. Reduce costs and enjoy the ease of operating on a single platform. SAP and ShipERP handle all your shipping management needs without sacrificing a multi-carrier shipping solution’s competitive advantages and flexibility.


ShipERP helps your business increase your productivity and improve cost-efficiency with the following applications:


Compare shipping costs

The best carrier for each shipment depends on that item’s unique requirements. Choosing the most suitable company for transport helps your company save money. Our sotware shows all applicable integrated carriers for your order based on your specifications. This feature ensures you get the best shipping rates available. Whether you’re shipping international, less-than-load (LTL), or small-parcel, you’ll always find the most cost-effective and timely solution.


Coordinate orders across carriers

ShipERP utilizes the tracking functionalities of every carrier using our application programming interface (API) connections. Track and trace every one of your packages within ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software solution.


Consolidate all tracking

ShipERP merges and displays all tracking information available from your carriers’ reports directly within your SAP document. Get a comprehensive overview of your tracking with additional insight from all your carriers in the SAP interface.


Create required documentation

ShipERP can generate all required documentation, proof of delivery, and shipping labels for each order you send. From domestic and international transportation to hazardous material shipping, our applications complete your documentation correctly.

Why choose ShipERP carrier software?

ShipERP makes finding the right shipping carrier, tracking orders, and automating document generation more user-friendly than ever before. ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software does more than making your multi-carrier shipping process easier. It elevates your entire supply chain.


Using ShipERP will help you refine and perfect your multi-carrier shipping process to save time and money on every shipment. You’ll immediately notice the difference ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software makes for your bottom line. Plus, you’ll see those improvements become more pronounced with each delivery.

Elevate your shipping with ShipERP shipping programs

If you’re ready to elevate your supply chain and refine your multi-carrier shipping process with ShipERP, reach out to our account executives or schedule a demo. Our representatives are ready to make your multi-carrier shipping experience with ShipERP as beneficial as possible with software that coordinates your orders across all carriers. Contact us online or schedule a free demo today.

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