How ShipERP Handles Multi-Carrier Shipping

What is ShipERP, the multi-carrier shipping software?

ShipERP is a multi-carrier shipping software that integrates directly into SAP. This allows ShipERP to provide a real-time, multi-carrier shipping connection to over 250 integrated carriers without middleware. 


ShipERP, the multi-carrier shipping software allows you to rate shop, process orders, track shipments, and receive proof of delivery from all connected carriers simultaneously within SAP. Integrating ShipERP allows you to achieve full control over every stage of your multi-carrier shipping process without ever leaving SAP. 

How does ShipERP, the multi-carrier shipping software, work with SAP?

ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software is written completely within SAP’s native programming language of ABAP. This allows ShipERP to connect with integrated carriers directly within SAP’s infrastructure. Utilizing these connections, ShipERP populates a list of applicable multi-carrier shipping services according to your package specifications and shipping needs. It’s as easy as choosing the right shipping carrier for each order’s needs.


When you choose shipping carriers, ShipERP’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) instantly integrates your SAP system to each carrier’s platform. Each individual package’s shipping process is tracked from the carrier’s system to your SAP system. You coordinate them all simultaneously from a single convenient place. You can even generate all documentation required for each unique package. ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software capabilities enable you to take full advantage of the carriers you are utilizing, without losing each individual carrier’s capabilities.

How can ShipERP help improve my multi-carrier shipping?

ShipERP is a multi-carrier shipping solution from which you can manage all of your shipping orders within SAP. You get the ease of using a single platform for shipping management without sacrificing the competitive advantages and flexibility of a multi-carrier shipping solution. ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software makes this possible by helping you:


Compare shipping costs

ShipERP displays and lists all applicable integrated carriers for your order, based on your specifications. By utilizing the standard SAP documents, ShipERP will find and show you the best shipping rates you can get. You’ll always be able to find the best multi-carrier shipping solution for your particular needs, whether you’re shipping small parcel, LTL, international, and more.


Coordinate orders across carriers

ShipERP utilizes the tracking functionalities of every carrier within the SAP system, using the carrier’s API connections. You’ll be able to track and trace every one of your packages within ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software solution.


Consolidate all tracking

Regardless of how many carrier services you’re using to coordinate your shipping, ShipERP consolidates and displays all tracking information available from reports or directly within the SAP document. You get an extensive amount of information and additional insight from all carriers you’re utilizing in SAP.


Create required documentation

ShipERP can generate all required documentation, proof of delivery, and shipping labels for each particular shipment order you execute. Get all the required documentation you need for even international multi-carrier shipping within SAP.

Why is ShipERP Core, the multi-carrier shipping software, the right choice for me?

Finding the right shipping carrier, tracking shipping processes, and automating documentation generation has never been more user-friendly than it is with ShipERP. ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software doesn’t just make your multi-carrier shipping process easier, it can also elevate your entire supply chain.


Using ShipERP will help you refine and perfect your multi-carrier shipping process, helping you save time and money on every shipment. You’ll notice the difference ShipERP’s multi-carrier shipping software makes for your bottom line immediately, and that difference only becomes more pronounced with each completed shipment.

How can I start using ShipERP, the multi-carrier shipping software?

If you’re ready to start putting the pieces together with ShipERP,  just reach out to our account executives or schedule a demo for our multi-carrier shipping software. Our account executives are ready to help make your multi-carrier shipping experience with ShipERP as beneficial as possible.

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