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AuditERP makes reviewing and approving invoices refreshingly easy

AuditERP makes reviewing and approving invoices refreshingly easy with parcel invoice audit software designed to meet your critical requirements. Stay on top of shipments with a parcel audit system that gives you accurate data automatically, saving you time and labor. Our solution makes the entire process easier and more efficient, so you can focus on operational priorities while effectively managing shipping expenses.

There are many companies that manually audit or outsource freight bill auditing because of the perceived complexity of the process. However, with the right auditing tool — like AuditERP — the process becomes efficient, accurate, and simple. This innovative freight audit solution gives you increased visibility across your logistics chain, equipping you to maximize cost-efficiency on the job. Explore how our solution can fit your needs and help you take control of your parcel logistics costs.

What Is AuditERP, the Parcel Audit Software?

AuditERP is the parcel auditing software that can review and approve your invoices in seconds. With AuditERP, you can sit back, relax, sip your coffee, and audit your transportation invoices all at the same time. What’s also nice is that it alleviates the complexity of invoice auditing, like carrier charges inconsistencies within SAP.

When you implement AuditERP as your parcel audit software, you will maximize the visibility of your logistics expenses and be able to use your transportation resources even more efficiently. Automating with AuditERP allows for deeper insights into your supply chain logistics to uncover opportunities. In addition, AuditERP is completely compatible with SAP ERP and ShipERP for a fully-integrated user experience. 

What Are the Benefits of AuditERP?

Companies are required to carefully keep track of their shipping costs to ensure they do not incur a loss. That’s why it’s no secret that your company’s success depends on the efficiency of its shipping network. AuditERP sets your business up for success. Enhance your ability to make the best out of your transportation resources. Here’s how:

  • Optimize visibility: With AuditERP, you can increase the visibility of your logistics costs and track them more easily.
  • Decrease shipping costs: Save shipping costs and increase your company’s performance by automating your parcel audit, minimizing labor and effort.
  • Gain deep insights: You can leverage AuditERP to get in-depth data and insights into your supply chain logistics to uncover opportunities for optimization and increased cost-efficiency.
  • Streamline processes: With SAP ERP and internal teams, you can streamline your workflows while getting accurate auditing records for your operations.
  • Work more cost-effectively: Gain speed by tracking data faster, which will lead to smarter business decisions, growth within the company, and an increase in profit margin.
  • Decrease turnaround time: Using the right parcel shipping audit system lets you cut down on turnaround time for the amount of time a carrier loads and unloads your shipments.
  • Minimize unexpected costs: With in-depth data insights, you can reduce extra expenses such as accessorial, price hikes, and surcharges.
  • Optimized capacity utilization: Better utilize freight capacity so you can reduce the amount of required freight funds for your operations.
  • Prevent human errors: By leveraging automated processes, you can move your operations forward and meet key requirements with increased accuracy and less labor needed.
  • Pursue growth opportunities: Discover room for growth by pointing out weak points and highlighting ways for your business to improve overall performance.

Built-in Approval Process

Set up a formal approval process and approval statuses by specific operations groups. The parcel audit solution equips you to establish protocols to keep your workflow moving smoothly for various approval requirements. Specify processes and statuses by specialized groups to build protocols tailored to individual approval requirements across your enterprise.

Increase Parcel Audit Accuracy

Eliminate human errors with robust monitoring and transportation cost control. Streamlining your workflow while investing in highly accurate audit results is more convenient than ever with our tracking system. You get complete visibility and control of your transportation logistics and expenses, and you can also navigate critical operating requirements with precise data auditing insights.

Automatic Documentation Upload

Upload all invoice files to view in Excel format. Automatically release invoices to create an accounting document. With this solution, you can get improved visibility into your organization-wide data with the right capabilities for viewing and management. User-friendly features automate accounting documentation processes to save you time and effort while helping accurately track invoices.

Discrepancies Report

Easily report discrepancies back to carriers in seconds. When you encounter potential inaccuracies or other issues, you can address them promptly with the freight audit software's built-in discrepancies reports. Stay ahead of potential problems and ensure you have accurate results with this robust tool designed to fit your requirements.

How Does Parcel Bill Audit Automation Work?

AuditERP works seamlessly and efficiently to provide you with hardworking data and an easy auditing experience. The steps of shipping carrier bill auditing include:


Collecting and Uploading Invoices  

AuditERP, the parcel audit software, will centralize all of your invoice data into an editable system online. Quickly available at your fingertips, you have the ability to pull past invoices when you need them. Within your system, you will be able to sort your inability voice by date, company, and any other factors you need.  


Categorizing Invoices  

To make analyzing invoices easier for you, you can group the invoices and bills by carrier and sort them within the groups according to date from oldest to newest. You‘ll be able to compare past and current carrier charges and see if you’re paying more than necessary for shipping.  


Verifying the Charges  

This stage will be the longest part of auditing your carrier charges. Without an automated system, you will need to comb through all pieces of information for potential errors and ensure that the charges match your carrier contracts.


Analyzing the Data  

Analyzing your carrier invoices and bills will help you make decisions that will improve your shipping efficiency and cut costs. There is potential to discover best shipping practices!

Setting Benchmarks

AuditERP will provide you with the data you need to set realistic shipping goals for your business to thrive. These steps of carrier bill auditing are why it’s crucial you consider an automation solution for your business. Sounds like a daunting process? Well, you can breeze through these steps with AuditERP! AuditERP offers innovative features built to solve your parcel bill inconsistencies and equip you to maximize cost-efficiency through automation. Its design is optimized for SAP environments.

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Who Benefits From Using AuditERP, the Parcel Auditing Software?

Everyone from logistics to customer service team members in a wide variety of industries benefit from AuditERP A. O. Smith and MCR Safety, for example, use  AuditERP to automate their freight bill auditing and help their companies thrive. AuditERP benefits the following industries:


  • Manufacturing  
  • Consumer Products 
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device/Health Care
  • Laboratory Equipment and Life Science 
  • Electronics
  • Construction Equipment, Facilities, Building Materials
  • Personal Care/Personal Health
  • Automotive
  • Apparel, Fashion, Retail
  • And more! 

How Can My Business Get Started With AuditERP?

If you’re ready to take your freight auditing process to the next level with ShipERP, schedule a demo with our freight auditing experts. Our team is ready to make your freight auditing experience as easy and efficient as possible!

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Frequently Asked Questions

By comparing parcel invoicing that is electronically transmitted or manually uploaded to transactional shipping data that is stored in ShipERP, AuditERP provides an integrated process within SAP® for reviewing and approving transportation invoices.

The solution delivers a toolset to monitor and control transportation costs such as line-haul charges, weight surcharges, oversize surcharges, assessorial charges, fuel surcharges and drayage fees to name a few.

We are confident that you can achieve a reduction in warehouse/operations labor based on the implementation of ShipERP and the best practices associated with that implementation. The fully-featured shipping software (ShipERP) is compatible with the following hardware/software environments:


NetWeaver server
Barcode scanners at each pack/ship terminal (Optional)
Barcode printers (Zebra preferred)
Scales (Optional)
Workstations running SAP GU


SAP ECC 6.0 or
SAP ECC 5.0 or

What’s nice about AuditERP is that it is written completely in ABAP, the native programming language for SAP. Core to its technology is the use of web services within SAP to directly communicate and transact business with the major carriers that support this technology. By following Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology it enables the ShipERP application to integrate seamlessly with carriers and provide real-time processing of shipments and tracking.


If a carrier does not support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the ShipERP product can also utilize XML via HTTP POST or EDI processing to communicate with the carriers. Other options for integration include tracking number generation using carrier algorithms or pre-generated tracking numbers loaded into ShipERP. Whatever the method of integration is, ShipERP can support it.

Freight pricing and rates have become increasingly complex in today’s logistics and transportation sector. Navigating freight invoices can be challenging, and it’s common for carriers to make errors or fail to complete service requirements. 

With a trusted freight bill auditing tool to support your operations, you can track transactions and ensure that all parties meet their contractual responsibilities. The freight audit software’s automated solutions can also help you stay on top of complex billing records while ensuring accuracy.

We excel in providing enhanced supply chain execution with ShipERP, the cross industry shipping solution. Industries that we serve, but are not limited to include:


Food and Beverage
Transportation and Logistics
Life Science
Consumer Products
Medical Device
…and more!

If you want to know more about our freight audit software pricing, our team is happy to help. Your software costs will be unique to your specific infrastructure and operating capabilities, so consider your specialized needs and situation. You can speak with one of our helpful account executives to receive a demo and an estimate based on your unique needs.

AuditERP is a shipping software integration for SAP. Contact Us