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The all-in-one shipping solution for logistics managers that optimizes & simplifies your supply chain

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Are you looking for easy-to-use logistics management software?

Are your high labor costs affecting profits (and your bonus?)

Do you need the logistics process to be quicker and cheaper?

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You face supply chain challenges every day. Your logistics team takes too long processing orders through a complex supply chain. Deliveries are taking too long to get to your customers and profits are suffering.


We have the perfect logistics software solution built to make SAP work better for you. An automated solution that reduces labor, saves money and enhances your distribution efficiency.

Logistics Managers use ShipERP to achieve order accuracy, on-time delivery, and reduced costs

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How do you control logistics costs?

As long as freight is an important element of your logistics, you’ll be burdened by increasing high shipping costs over time. Your priority is to wrangle these logistics costs under control!


There are lots of logistics management responsibilities for you to concern yourself with, but shipping costs does not have to be one of them. Don’t let hidden costs eat up your company’s profit margin!


Here are 6 best practices on reducing logistics costs while maintaining a high quality of service:

Adopt a multi-carrier strategy

A limited selection of carriers will not give you the best rates! It’s important to rate shop for the carrier services you need at the right cost.

Use shipping consolidation services

Receive lower carrier rates by consolidating your goods and using less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments.

Lower logistics support costs

Give your customers what they want, like shipment tracking, before they even ask for it to save on support costs!

Build strong carrier relationships

Gain the confidence to negotiate with your carriers for better shipping rates by building stronger relationships with your carriers.

Enable supplier communications

With efficient two-way communication, plan your shipments efficiently to improve visibility on your products.

Improve visibility in one platform

Eliminate manual searching in other portals and windows by centralizing all your processes in one platform for better efficiency.

Follow all these best practices with one solution! It’s time to implement a multi-carrier shipping software that can be integrated with your SAP ERP system. See for yourself how a digital transformation with ShipERP can optimize your logistics.

5 ways the most comprehensive SAP-integrated logistics software can help your team achieve on-time delivery

SAP Centralized Visibility

Improve the process flow in SAP with all your relevant information centralized in one ShipERP screen to optimize. 

Logistics Management SAP Centralized Visibility

Reliable and Accurate Inventory Management

Managing and maintaining an accurate inventory of product storage warehouses is easier with ShipERP.

Automated Import and Export Processing

With ShipERP, compliance is simple. Automate the entire import and export process with our Automated Export system (AES) to keep your business compliant.

Logistics Management Import Export Processing
Logistics Management shipment visibility rate shopping

Shipment Visibility and Rate Shopping

Always get the best shipment visibility at the best price for your different shipments. ShipERP checks the time of delivery and costs to ensure you and your customers get the best service.

Reduced Labor Costs

By automating a lot of processes your logistics team can spend less time completing an order. Take your processing time from 10 minutes to 10 seconds with ShipERP.

Logistics Management reduced labor costs

See what others are saying about ShipERP

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out how we optimized these logistics team’s supply chains with our powerful logistics software…

They [ShipERP] allowed us to have a lot of input into the roadmap of the product especially the Sales Order processing and the LTL/truckload processing.”
Tim Thomas
VP of Information Technology at MCR Safety
“It takes the logistics team a shorter amount of time to complete an order. It went from 10 minutes down to 10 seconds. It saves time!”
Kumar Prashant
ERP/SAP Solutions Architect at Belimo Americas

The perfect solution to your logistics optimization headaches

It’s time to streamline your logistics operations with better software. Logistics management software that makes your supply chain more efficient and accurate. Watch your profits soar when you implement ShipERP software into your logistics operations.


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Take advantage of over 120 Integrated Multi-Modal Carriers across 100+ Countries

Logistics teams can streamline their shipping process with our integrated carrier services and partners. Find the best carrier service at the best price for your unique shipments!

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