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Freight and LTL Shipping With ShipERP

What is ShipERP, the freight & LTL shipping software?

When you’re looking for a freight and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping software solution, look no further than ShipERP. At ShipERP, our supply chain software works directly with your SAP systems to automate your LTL shipping process and give you complete control of your shipping line.


LTL shipping is the perfect solution for transporting parcels that only amount to a partial truckload. LTL freight consists of several separate shipments transported on one truck, and these loads can be anywhere from 150 to 10,000 pounds. Essentially, LTL freight works because combining multiple partial parcels can fill a full truck and increase efficiency.


ShipERP gives you the tools necessary to ship partial freight loads with the carriers you choose. Shipping with the power of our LTL solutions is also ideal for small businesses that want to save money and spend less on shipping in the long run.

Real-time freight and LTL software

Due to timing, attention to detail, and the difficulty of finding a carrier, LTL shipping can be a challenge for any business. ShipERP simplifies these operations with freight consolidation software that helps you save money and get your orders out the door.


ShipERP real-time freight software helps you keep track of every aspect of your shipping process, from inventory management and shipment processing to printing labels and proof of shipping. Our software has the power to give you up-to-date shipping insights right in your preexisting SAP interface. Let us help you get your LTL shipments exactly where they need to be.

Coordinate Every Order

ShipERP gives you the ability to coordinate your orders across dozens of LTL carriers that uses SAP. This capability means you can choose the most economical option for your business. We offer freight shipping solutions like CarrierPORTAL, Ship EWM, ShipSTM, and the Supplier Portal that let you communicate with your carriers effortlessly. Never miss an opportunity to coordinate your freight orders with ShipERP!

Consolidate Your Tracking

Our SAP solutions let you integrate your foreign shipping orders with the rest of your shipments so that you have all your information in one location. ShipERP gives you real-time insights into all your orders with our ShipERP Core, Carrier Portal, and ShipSTM solutions.

Compare LTL Shipping Costs

Regardless of where you're shipping, ShipERP displays all your international carrier options in one easily searchable interface. You can compare LTL shipping costs based on your specifications and find the best shipping solutions for your company's specific needs. Stop overpaying for freight shipping and take charge of your parcels fast with ShipERP LTL software.

Quickly Print Labels and Documents

ShipERP automatically prints useful labels and proof of delivery for every order you process. You can speed up and customize the printing process by managing your transportation and planning your shipments in advance to reach unprecedented efficiency with our freight scheduling software.

Multi-carrier and multi-modal real-time freight software

Our SAP-integrated solution allows you to choose from all major carriers worldwide, whether you’re shipping less-than-truckload or truckload services. We work with all SAP carriers so that you can reach your customers in any corner of the world at the most cost-effective price-point for your business.

Our selection of carriers includes shippers across the Asia Pacific region, Europe, Africa, and North and South America. The following represent just a few of the carriers that ShipERP works with:

  • AIT Worldwide
  • Amazon
  • China Air Express
  • CHL
  • FedEX
  • UPS

ShipERP LTL Software Solutions

ShipERP leads the shipping industry in SAP-integrated tracking solutions. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that helps you compare shipping costs, coordinate your orders, and consolidate your tracking, get started with ShipERP today

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