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Why shipment planning and transportation management?

Using ShipSTM will empower you to engage in planning and transportation capabilities such as multi-modal shipping, load planning, and optimization. Increase productivity by eliminating multiple screens and centralizing all functionalities, including shipment consolidation, freight rating, and transportation bid process!

Also, ShipSTM’s fast and efficient planning functionality takes seconds to plan shipments, which in turn keeps your logistics operations focused on the flow of the warehouse processes.

Multi-Modal Shipment Tendering, Planning, & Staging

All modes of transportation management is facilitated in the shipment and transportation management module

Determinations and Modifications

Haulage determination and leg/stag modification capabilities are at your finger tips

Shipment Consolidation

Easily consolidate your shipments and freight costs, making it easier on finance and controlling

Integrated Management

Load management and route management are full integrated within SAP

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Frequently asked questions

By using a configuration-based approach, optimization and consolidation rules are straightforward to understand and adjust. In addition, because of its integration to ShipERP™, the required electronic connectivity to carriers, freight forwarders and logistics providers to execute shipments is a simple turn-key solution through the ShipERP’s portfolio of integrated carriers.

To further compliment the planning and transportation solution offerings in ShipSTM™, the solution is designed around a planning and transportation cockpit functionality which brings all functionality into a centrally managed screen, hence eliminating multiple user screens and increases productivity.

The cockpit offers functionality for consolidating shipments, shipment packing, freight rating, transportation bid process, managing haulage, digital signature, and shipment closure process which includes printing of all required documentation based on origin to destination.

We are confident that you can achieve a reduction in warehouse/operations labor based on the implementation of ShipERP and the best practices associated with that implementation. The fully-featured shipping software (ShipERP) is compatible with the following hardware/software environments:

NetWeaver server
Barcode scanners at each pack/ship terminal (Optional)
Barcode printers (Zebra preferred)
Scales (Optional)
Workstations running SAP GU

SAP ECC 6.0 or
SAP ECC 5.0 or

What’s nice about ShipERP is that it is written completely in ABAP, the native programming language for SAP. Core to its technology is the use of web services within SAP to directly communicate and transact business with the major carriers that support this technology. By following Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology it enables the ShipERP application to integrate seamlessly with carriers and provide real-time processing of shipments and tracking.

If a carrier does not support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the ShipERP product can also utilize XML via HTTP POST or EDI processing to communicate with the carriers. Other options for integration include tracking number generation using carrier algorithms or pre-generated tracking numbers loaded into ShipERP. Whatever the method of integration is, ShipERP can support it.

We excel in providing enhanced supply chain execution with ShipERP, the cross industry shipping solution. Industries that we serve, but are not limited to include:

Food and Beverage
Transportation and Logistics
Life Science
Consumer Products
Medical Device
…and more!

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Delighted Customers Say

“We were able to configure carrier services really quickly [with ShipERP].”
Todd Boesiger
IT Manager of SAP Applications at Scentsy
"With ShipERP, we were able to reduce small parcel packing labor at our high-volume shipping locations. In our first implementation we reduced packing labor by 25%. Since then, we have also consolidated two parcel shipping locations into one and reduced small parcel packing headcount in the absorbed location by half.”
Jennifer Barstosch
Transportation Management (SAP/TM) Lead at A.O. Smith
“It takes the logistics team a shorter amount of time to complete an order. It went from 10 minutes down to 10 seconds. It saves time!”
Kumar Prashant
ERP/SAP Solutions Architect at Belimo Americas
“They (ERP Integrated Solutions) allowed us to have a lot of input into the roadmap of the product especially the Sales Order processing and the LTL/truckload processing.”
Tim Thomas
VP of Information Technology at MCR Safety

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